Verellen furniture 
Short texts describing the Verellen furniture collection. 
Theo chaise
Swift li­nes and soft edges. Swooping you away in its simple design our Theo chaise will provide comfort while staying unique in its form. The Theo family reminds us somewhat of a mid-century piece, without taking you all the way there.
Hudson Swivel club chair
Our Hudson family will envelop you in its unique character and stunning details. The Hudson Swivel club chair provides new kinds of coming together. Invite your favorite people to sit within the soft edges of our Hudson.
Zola chaise
Zola, a soft, rounded and organic bestseller in the Verellen family. As a love seat she’s cosy and intimate, but when flying solo she’s a generous, soft cloud. Zola was created for those who like to sit in, not on, a sofa. 

Noella tall wing chair
A bold piece of furniture, our Noella. She’s a class act with the wing chair details and distinctive graceful legs. There’s no other way to sit in our Noella Tall chair than elegantly.
Lou stool
Meet our Lou stool, soft yet robust, small though present. Available as a fury friend or in the textural richness of linen the Lou stool will infuse a space with its own personality.

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